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Corus Choir

Corus have musically qualified leaders that will teach you techniques to find and improve your voice, work on your breathing control and help you develop your vocal range. Come along and learn to sing in harmony to the music that’s been the soundtrack of our lives: Pop, Rock, Country, Irish & Gospel.

New Members are welcome to join us at anytime! Why not try out a class for free? You are entitled to “try out” only one free class in any one venue before you decide whether or not you wish to join. If you love singing and fun, then our classes for you!! If you are still in any doubt why not check out the articles below which tell you about the Corus unique singing experience and how singing in a group helps your overall wellbeing.

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Class Information

 Number of Week52
 Open: January 20, 2020
 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Class Trainer