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This is a fun and fully inclusive Community Event to help you get more active!
The finer details!

Thank you for registering for our Run, Ride or Roll to 5K a day event. The aim is each person that
signs up will complete an average of 5k a day by either walking, jogging, cycling or while using a
mobility device.
This will total to 35k each week! If you wish to complete 4k one day and 6k the next day that is great
as long as you commit to completing 35k each week!

Each Sunday those taking part will send in a screenshot of your distance for the week. This should be
sent by email to info@applewoodcc.ie or by Facebook messenger to Applewood Community Centre
along with your name and the email address you registered for the event with.
This can be done by sending in the details from your smart watch app or from any exercise app you
choose to use which most can be downloaded for free on android or apple devices.

All those that take part and complete the challenge will enter a draw for free use of your local
North County Dublin Community Centre for your family or a group / team you may be part of!


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